IEDP, 27 Sep 2010

The Equality Act 2010 requires public sector bodies to deliver equality outcomes through their procurement process. To win public sector contracts, private sector businesses and third sector organisations must follow suit. All businesses want more than legal compliance; they want to deliver their best offers and expand their marketplaces

This conference emphasised how to carry out practical interventions, bringing to life the opportunities and challenges of embedding equality, diversity and human rights into procurement from buyer and supplier perspectives.

Guest speakers:

Alison Pritchard - Head of Strategy, Government Equalities Office

James Wright - Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP

Professor Monder Ram OBE - Director, Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME) at De Montfort University

Alan Butt - Scheme Manager, West Midlands Forum for Equalities

Time: 9.30 to 4.00

Venue: Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, 35 Vine Street London EC3N 2PX

Cost: IEDP members: £75 + VAT; Non-members: £175 + VAT


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