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Highlighting the importance of building effective EDI policies, practices and cultures and creating an inclusive working environment.

Date: 7th July 2021

Time: 6.00-7.00pm BST

About this event

Over the last year, organisations have faced many challenges due to the pandemic, with 48% of employees now working remotely or in a hybrid way. Many managers and leaders have had to transform in response to the challenges they have faced, which is crucial in ensuring the long-term effectiveness of organisations.

Following our successful introduction (The Fundamentals of Transformation), this is the second themed session in a series of events hosted by CMI’s East Midlands and Eastern board where we explore the topic of Transformation. The events focus on individual elements, highlighted in CMI's Management Transformed research, from communication, through to people and location.

In this session, we will explore some areas of EDI during periods of transformation, and why it is so important for managers and leaders to ensure they are building a safe, inclusive environment that allows all colleagues to thrive.

Join us on Wednesday 7th July when we are delighted to be joined by Tristan Canfer, Diagnostics Technician at Science Technology, Prospect Union Equality Rep, and UKRI Pride Network Chair, and Kenny Faulds, EDI Specialist, UK Research and Innovation, where our speakers will outline the importance of building effective EDI policies, practices, and cultures; embracing the full spectrum of diversity; and sharing some of their own experiences and tips for creating thriving and inclusive environments.


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