IEDP accreditation is currently £350 +VAT for Professional Certification and £850 + VAT for Professional Registration. Group discounts of 10% are available if more than five applicants come from one organisation at the same time.

The IEDP board is very keen that the cost of our accreditation is set at a level at which people who are excellent equality and diversity practitioners are able to afford to take part in the process. However,we are also keen for the process to be rigorous and because of that it is inevitably labour intensive in terms of the accreditation panels, the co-ordination of the panels, marking of the tests and the administrative support. So we need the cost to be realistic to reflect that.

We are a not for profit organisation, all Board members are volunteers who pay their own travel costs, e.g. travelling to London from Norfolk, Belfast, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Wales and Birmingham. In order to put together accreditation panels on a regular basis, we are going to need to at least pay expenses; ideally we would like to pay people for their time.

It is the intention of the Institute to be the organisation of choice for our sector. Some equality practitioners are members of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) which specialises in employment related equality. Probably the closest comparator to our accreditation is the associate or chartered membership of the CIPD through their experience assessment route, which is considerably more expensive.

At the moment we are actively seeking corporate sponsorship so that we can offer bursaries to equality and diversity practitioners who would like to go through IEDP accreditation but are not being funded by their employer to do so and are unable to pay for it themselves. Anyone who knows of an organisation who may be prepared to support the IEDP in this way, or another source of funding we could tap into, please let us know.


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